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Dancing Tweens

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I recently had a great opportunity to work with TLC (The Learning Channel) on a television show filmed at the San Diego Dancesport Championships devoted to three young couples pursuing their dance careers.

Click here for a sneak peek at the show.

TLC went to three different competitions in Milwaukee, San Diego and Boston to film couples ages 6 - 11 years old during their practice sessions and lessons and culminating in their performances at their respective competitions.

All the dancers involved were cute, interesting and very dedicated to their dancing, but off the floor were just regular kids which gave a good balance to the show.

I was, for the most part, impressed with the coaches involved, and found Olga Ginzburg's disciplinary action of push ups both unusual and very comedic. TLC was easy to work with and I would like to thank them for giving the dance world an opportunity to expose more of our culture. The ratings were great; lets hope there will be more "real" dance shows in the future!